March 14, 2018 /

The Giesbrecht Family


Family adventure sessions don’t always mean you have to travel. This family adventure session happened at one of my favourite family photo locations near Red Deer. The thing about family adventure sessions is, your family is the adventure. I don’t think any parent out there would disagree, raising a family is an adventure, and sometimes a circus! But it’s ALWAYS FUN! Scroll through their photos because you’re not going to believe what this family stumbled upon during their family adventure session.

Julie MacKinnon Photography_1844.jpg
Julie MacKinnon Photography_1845.jpg
Julie MacKinnon Photography_1846.jpg
Julie MacKinnon Photography_1847.jpg
Julie MacKinnon Photography_1848.jpg
Julie MacKinnon Photography_1849.jpg
Julie MacKinnon Photography_1850.jpg
Julie MacKinnon Photography_1851.jpg
Julie MacKinnon Photography_1852.jpg
Julie MacKinnon Photography_1853.jpg
Julie MacKinnon Photography_1854.jpg
Julie MacKinnon Photography_1855.jpg
Julie MacKinnon Photography_1856.jpg
Julie MacKinnon Photography_1857.jpg
Julie MacKinnon Photography_1858.jpg
Julie MacKinnon Photography_1859.jpg
Julie MacKinnon Photography_1860.jpg
Julie MacKinnon Photography_1861.jpg


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